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Victoria Wilks
  ph: 027 450 2874

What is the process?

Approximately one month to one year before your wedding date

  • I receive your initial enquiry via phone or e-mail and respond to any questions you have.
  • If you are in the Wellington area, I can arrange to meet you, with no obligation, where we would share any initial ideas about your ceremony, talk through my process and the timeframes and answer any further questions.
  • When a booking with me has been confirmed I ask for a non-refundable deposit to be made to me to secure this date for you. 

Three months before your wedding

  • I assist you to apply for your Marriage Licence (Notice of Intended Marriage/Civil Union form) through Births, Deaths and Marriages.
  • I meet with you again (or e-mail you if you are not in the Wellington area).We work through your initial thoughts around elements such as music, readings, vow options, witnesses, tone and style of ceremony and who will be involved. I also ask for some information to help me to get to know you such as details of your history together, your relationship and why you are choosing to get married.
  • I am able to provide you with resources to assist you at this point – lend you books, send you vow samples, direct you to useful websites.

Approximately one month before your wedding

  • From the information I have gathered from you, I write the first draft of your ceremony for you to revise and amend. I am open to all your thoughts, ideas, visions and feedback.
  • I work on the ceremony and we meet or correspond as many times as necessary until we have a final ceremony that we all love.  
  • I will not add anything into the ceremony that you do not know about – so there will be no SURPRISES on the day!

The week of the wedding

  • Where possible we have a rehearsal at the venue with as many of the participants present as possible. 
  • I ask you to bring the Marriage Licence so that I can check over it and then I am the person responsible for bringing it to your ceremony.
  • A chance to tweak the ceremony if required.
  • I ask for the final payment to be made.

On your wedding day

  • I am at the venue half an hour before the ceremony is due to start to check everything is in order and that the groom is OK!
  • After I have conducted the ceremony I check all the paperwork requirements are met and send off the signed Marriage Licence.
  • I leave you with a copy of the ceremony in a nice folder to keep as a momentum (and to remind yourselves of your vows!).

How soon before our wedding do we need to book you?

I recommend that as soon as you have secured your date and venue then you look for a celebrant. I often get enquiries around one year before couple's wedding, but also have been available with a weeks notice!

When do we make the payment to you?

When you make a booking with me I will confirm this in writing via e-mail to you and I request a non-refundable $250 deposit at this point.  I ask for the final payment to please be made to me before the rehearsal. My fee is $700 for weddings within the Wellington area. For weddings outside this area the fee varies as I charge extra to cover travel costs, time and if necessary accommodation. Please contact me to discuss further.

Do you have a back-up celebrant?

I have a good reputation and good relationships with other celebrants and numerous wedding venues. 

I have never been required to use a back- up celebrant, but should this be required I do have the networks available to me.

What do you wear?

I dress appropriately (no big hats!) and have a variety of wedding outfits from smart casual to formal wear. I talk with you about the options and I try to fit in with the tones you (and the wedding party) are wearing.

Do you stay on after the ceremony?

After the ceremony I usually like to stay for a short while – maybe have a drink with your guests, watch some photos being taken and share with your family and friends in the enjoyment of seeing you married. 

There is no need for you to invite me to your reception – this is a time for your family and friends.